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At Otway Optical, it's all about you!

We take great pride in offering quality service and well-made products. We are a locally owned business, with employees from Colac and the surrounding districts.

We have two full-time optometrists at the practice, Leigh Plowman, who has been at the practice since 2012 and has an excellent reputation in Colac and among many optometrists all over Australia; and Mary Knight, who grew up in Colac and is now practicing optometry, with a fresh and optimistic outlook.

Our optometrists go beyond simple ‘spectacle sales’, spending extra time to determine any eye health problems patients may have and taking the necessary steps to manage these appropriately.

We specialise in assessments and treatments for Dry Eye and have had much positive feedback from many patients regarding this. We also have a spectacle range, 7Eye, designed specifically for improving dry eye symptoms.

Our optometrists also focus on early detection of sight-threatening diseases, such as glaucoma and macular degeneration, so our patients can continue to have the best vision possible for their future.

Additionally, our optometrists can perform eye tests for children of any age, as eye health is incredibly important, but particularly when eyes are developing. When children are very young, there are limited tests that can be performed, but it is vital that they maintain good vision as they learn essential skills, such as reading and writing.

Our kind and considerate front-of-house staff are well trained in dispensing and are more than able to help you out with your individual spectacle needs.

We understand that spectacles are more than just a fashion statement and require time and care, to achieve the best possible visual outcomes for all our patients.

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