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143 Murray St, Colac VIC 3250
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Why Choose Us?

We enjoy getting to know you as a person!

We like hearing about what’s important to you. You’ll be given the time to feel understood. And we love offering solutions that help you to see and look great!

We’re a local, family-owned business.

When you support us, you’re helping our children to play local sport, attend caps, learn an instrument, and be a strong voice in our community.

We make our own lenses on site

Today, few Optometrists make lenses in-house. In some cases, lenses can be put in your frames within one hour. This is important if you break your glasses.

We have the right equipment to thoroughly check your eyes

You’ll have a thorough eye examination. We use 3D scans of the front and back of your eyes, and explain how your eyes are working at the moment.

We love new things and offer innovations in eyecare

We’re Independent and don’t need to ask for approval to add a new service.

We offer one-on-one service

We take the time to listen to what you need to improve with your eyes or vision. You’ll meet the same friendly people when you come in each time. And you can ask questions anytime.

We can put new lenses into anything

Our 3D cutting machine allows us to put prescription lenses into nearly any frame or goggle

We offer the latest designs and trends

We’re constantly updating our hand-picked stock to give you the most popular designs and trends

We offer hard-to-find eyewear

We’re the experts in sports glasses, sunglasses, skiing, motorcycle glasses, prescription diving masks and swimming goggles.