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Dry Eye

Infrared photo showing the oil glands that clog up and stop working

Dry Eye Syndrome is a very common cause of blurred vision and irritation to the eyes. There are many causes of Dry Eye, of which the majority are easily treatable. 

One of the common signs of Dry Eye, though seemingly contradictory, is an excessive watering of the eyes. 

For mild symptoms of Dry Eye, regular eye drops can be sufficient in masking its effects, though if these are no longer enough, other treatments can be commenced. 

An optometrist can distinguish between Dry Eye Syndrome and other possible eye conditions, such as allergy or conjunctivitis.

See below for more about Advanced Dry Eye Treatments:

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) for Dry Eye

Demonstration of IPL for Dry Eye (Photo credit: Lumenis)

Tried almost every eyedrop at the Pharmacy? Still not getting an improvement?

Intense Pulsed Light works to: 

  • Reduce Inflammation from Blood Vessels in your skin
  • Clear clogged Oil Glands in your eyelids
  • Stimulate the Oil Glands to work better

Intense Pulsed light is a series of five treatments. Normally treatments are about three weeks apart.

At the first visit, we take a detailed baseline of your symptoms and do infrared photos of your eyes. There are some forms to complete too. Normally this appointment takes about one hour from start to finish.

After the first treatment, you won't notice much difference. The following treatments are cumulative. Most improvement is noticed after treatment number five.

Follow up treatments normally take about forty-five minutes.

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7Eye Dry Eye Glasses

Ever get watery, irritated eyes outdoors? 

7Eye Dry Eye Glasses are padded sunglasses. This means that they have a removable gasket in them.

The gasket forms a shield around your eyes. This means that they block wind, dust, pollen and UV from getting into your eyes.

They are great for people with dry, watery, itchy, filmy, irritated eyes. They retain more of your own natural tears too- so they're great for Dry Eye!

Wear Spectacles? 7Eye Sunglasses can be done in your prescription, including distance or multifocals.

You can also get transition lenses which go dark outside.

At your appointment, chat to one of the team about 7Eye Dry Eye Glasses.

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