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Kids Eye Tests


  • How often: We recommend routine eye test every 2 years for kids, unless there is anything of concern.
  • What’s involved: the main tests will involve testing your child’s vision, including how their eyes work together (eyestrain tests) and performing routine eye health checks. These tests include the use of eye charts, lenses, bright lights and a microscope. Only very rarely will the optometrist request the use of eyedrops during the test.
  • Why it’s important: It is important to have your child screened for any serious eye conditions, which although rare, may be vision or even life threatening.
  • How long will it take: routine eye test for kids usually take 30 minutes or less. Sometimes, the optometrist may ask for a repeat appointment to re-test some things. Additionally, they may want the child to return to see how their vision changes over time.

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